Edelstahlauspuffanlage - stainless-steel exhaust system


Edelstahlauspuffanlage - stainless-steel exhaust system

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Edelstahlauspuffanlage passend für BMW M3 E30 Modelle.

Sie besteht aus durchgehenden 2x50mm Rohren und einem Endtopf.
Die Endrohre des Endtopfes haben einen Durchmesser von 76mm(DTM).

- stainless-steel all over
- 2x 50mm pipes (matches exactly the output size of the header)
- X-pipe included
- perfect weldings - perfect fitment, no cracking
- exhasut tips are 2x76mm DTM-style (does not look like DTM when standing behind the car as you see on the pictures, no rework at the rear bumper necessary)
- the tips are not "hanging" over the back of the car
- exhaust itself is also 100% stainless steel

Shipping worldwide no problem! (Price for shipping is variabel)

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